Digitalis Ventures engineers solutions to unmet needs in health.

Driven by deep technical, financial, and domain expertise, our activities across venture investing, technology development, and new ventures allow us to creatively build and scale enduring enterprises.

DV Investments provides venture capital to early-stage companies across life sciences, health technology & services, and animal health with the goal of supporting our portfolio companies throughout their development.

DV Proving Grounds designs, develops, and delivers entrepreneurially-driven solutions to unmet needs in health through data science, technology development, and new ventures.

Notes & News are our writings on the science and technologies that underpin our work in Investments and Proving Grounds.

In all of our endeavors, the expertise of our multidisciplinary team combines with the expansive network of entrepreneurs, technical experts, research institutions, and financial partners with whom we have worked over the years to allow us to forge deep and effective relationships that lead to the creation of effective solutions at scale.

Digitalis Ventures is part of the Digitalis Group. Digitalis believes that technology can be used to meaningfully advance health. To realize this vision across a broad spectrum of opportunities, Digitalis provides complementary solutions that span the life cycle of private- and public-interest technologies. Our solutions currently include Digitalis Ventures and Digitalis Commons.


The Digitalis plant is the natural source of cardioactive steroid glycosides widely used in the treatment of heart disease since the 1700s. Dr. Thomas W. Smith, the father of our founding partner, began his career as a physician-scientist at Harvard by developing a novel radioimmunoassay to enable the safe administration of digitalis. Dr. Smith’s subsequent research program touched on many themes—the health benefits of nature-derived compounds, the importance of measurement science in therapeutic development, rational design in drug discovery, among many others that continue to resonate with our group today. Beyond his research, Dr. Smith was a renowned clinician and beloved mentor to a generation of academic cardiologists. Our name reflects our ongoing commitment to this legacy of both scientific innovation and human connection.